About Us

Machilipatnam(Bandar), has not only gained wider reputation all over India, for its historic cultural & traditional background and for its creativity & innovativeness, but it is the home place of sweets. India, the land of traditions and customs is known for its Vedic, Puranic and other holy deeds, wherein diet was prescribed to consist of SHADRUCHIS.

Sweet is the alluring and dominating one of the SHADRUCHIS. Unlike the other five tastes,it is liked by one and all irrespective of their age BANDAR LADDU, sweets are made of jaggery and pure ghee and have been in our tradition for more than the last few centuries The world famous, BANDAR LADDU, is being made here, which brings smiles on many faces and taste to life of all Indians, all over the world. When one thinks of sweets, irrespective of his/her age, the name that comes to his/her mind, is no other than MALLAIAH SWEETS Our motto is to render qualitative services to his customers rather than to look for earning profits.

MALLAIAH SWEETS, established in 1942 in Bandar, also known as Machilipatnam(Bandar), is one of the leading name for home of sweets, specialised in laddus of its own brand, BANDAR LADDU.

MALLAIAH SWEETS, which has gained wider reputation for its quality and uniqueness of its establishment, is now marching forward a big step in this revolutionary trend of computer world and has started its efforts in hosting a website www.bandarladdu.com. Its aim is to supply sweets to any place in India through the concept of e-commerce, especially for orders received from other countries.

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